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Starlite Diner – 401 N Atlantic Ave Daytona Beach, FL – (386) 255-9555

So my friend and I got a great groupon deal for a Daytona getaway and used it this week. One of my favorite seafood places in the world is in Daytona and I had every intention of going there but part of the fun is eating outside by the water and it was just too cold for us. All the CAM00077 (2)northerners were running around in shorts and tanks and we were wishing we had brought long sleeves and sweat-pants. It was a bone chilling 70 degrees. Crazy!

 Anyway, we were cold enough to seek out some comfort food and decided to give the Starlite Diner a try. It’s got a retro look, silver chrome on the outside and red and silver plastic booths on the inside. There is a jukebox  at the front door playing oldies. I didn’t know they made jukeboxes that play CD’s but they do. Between that and all Life magazine covers and photos from back in the day covering the walls, the atmosphere was spot on. I was back in Brooklyn with my mom and dad getting ready for a humongous breakfast.

 We were welcomed at the door and allowed to seat ourselves. Coffee was in front of us in under 5 minutes. The coffee was good and warming and we blissfully sipped it while checking out the menu.  Our waitress let us know that there was only one order left of biscuits and gravy and one order left of corned beef hash. Neither of us wanted that but I guess those are big sellers there. They had a menu that you would expect to find in an old school diner. Burgers every way you could imagine, meatloaf, soups and 5 billion versions of eggs and pancakes and waffles.

 My friend chose eggs and bacon with home fries, toast, and grits. She ordered an extra side of bacon because most restaurants only give Starliteyou two pieces but the Starlite’s regular portion is 4 pieces. She had to force herself to finish her food. I ordered a BLT. The menu said it was the biggest BLT in the world. It is not. There were four pieces of bacon and the sandwich was good but I make bigger sandwiches than that at home.

 The food was passable. The place was clean and the staff was knowledgeable about the menu and quick and courteous. All in all it was a good experience although there was no wow factor. Would I go back? Probably not. There is nothing wrong with the place but I have had better diner food in places that didn’t have half the glitz as the Starlite.


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