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Thai Temple Food on Sundays – 5306 Palm River Rd Tampa (813) 621-1669

I said I was going and I did.  What I found was amazing.  I don’t know if  words can really describe this place.

Have you ever lived in a place that was considered a melting pot?  The kind of place where  on your  walk to lunch you  bypass a Greek Thai Temple1or Italian or Vietnamese spot to get to the Kosher deli you were craving  all day?   Well, I have.  That’s one  of the things I miss  living here.  If you’ve never experienced that or want to experience that or just miss that feeling, this is the place for you.

On Sundays at the Thai Temple they sell food. It’s open air market style. The kind of place where women chatting at a table peel bananas a few feet away from their irritated uncle waiting next to a wok with bubbling oil ready to make money. This is the kind of place where Blacks,Whites, Hispanics, Asians- old , young and anyone else you can imagine , come to eat, meet, and enjoy the beauty that is Florida.

The food is absolutely authentic, portions are generous, and prices are more than reasonable.  They only take cash here and I don’t think there is an ATM.  The most expensive dish I saw was $8.00. It was a huge bowl of noodle soup filled with beef and dumplings and the most delicious broth. They sell chicken with red or green curry, sticky rice, fried bananas, tons of desserts and many other things that I have never seen before but can’t wait to try.

I had pork dumplings.  The dumplings overstuffed with steamed pork that had hint of ginger and complemented the soy ginger dipping sauce perfectly.  I also tasted fried banana,  beef noodle soup and  red curried chicken served over a bed of white rice.     YouThai Food Stall2 can do take out but we decided to sit at one of the many picnic tables to eat.  We were facing the river and watched a boat pull up to the dock and park so its passengers could get a bite to eat.

After eating we did a little exploring and went inside the Buddhist Temple.  There was a meditation class going on so we could not walk around but I was told that if you’re lucky you can come and listen to the monks chanting.  There was a little playground for the kids and a basketball court as well.  This was one of the most relaxing, tasty places that I have had lunch at in a very long time. If you are looking for something different that the whole family can enjoy, check this place out one Sunday. Let me know what you think.

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