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2014 – The Road Ahead…..

2014Happy New Year foodies! We happily cooked, shopped and dined our way through another year. 2013 should have been called the year of bacon! Restaurants put it in everything including dessert and we loved it, but that was so last year! So what do those in the know predict this year?

The Mashup

These emerged on the food scene around 2008 and have been gaining popularity.  Guy Fieri  showcased them with recipes like Cajun Chicken Alfredo and the Jambalaya Sandwich.  Now even supermarkets and chain restaurants have jumped on the bandwagon. Dairy Queen has a peanut butter pretzel blizzard, Pringles a mint chocolate potato chip and I don’t remember which pizza shop is offering pretzel crust pizza.   Expect to see more combos that we have never put together before.

Healthy Food Over Fast Food

No, McDonald’s is in no danger of closing but educated eaters are making healthier choices.  Healthy eating (as a lifestyle, not a FNM040111_008diet) has made many not so popular foods like kale, vegetable juice, quinoa, and organic produce mainstream, and more are on the way.  According to the Food Network we can look for: juice bars; chopped salads; chickpeas; miso; cashew milk; seaweed; tahini; kefir; kombucha; turmeric; tofu; wheat germ; nutritional yeast; amaranth.

Bitter Is the New Sour

Brace yourself for bitter. Early indications abound: kale is, after all, a bitter green, and broccoli rabe is already riding a pizza crust to mainstream acceptance. In fact, when you survey the realm of trendy ingredients, bitterness is a running theme: from the sheer number of cocktail bitters now available to IPA brews trumpeting their international bitterness units, to the popularity of Fernet Branca and other bitter liqueurs, to Brussels sprouts, to dark chocolate, to charred everything, to all those grassy green juices sweeping the nation — they all point in the same direction.

Look for: hops as an ingredient; bitter greens like dandelion greens, chicory, and watercress; DIY bitters; charring; parsley; bitter melon; bitter orange; tannic tea.


Read more at: http://blog.foodnetwork.com/fn-dish/2013/12/whats-next-in-food-trends-for-2014/?oc=linkback


“People are more conscious about pricing and looking for something different like the Denver cuts or strip steaks,” said Jacques Qualin, chef de cuisine at J&G Steakhouse at the Phoenician resort. “The meat is tender, and they are very flavorful.”

For every ingredient that went up in popularity, another had to fall. In 2014, Greek yogurt, sweet-potato fries and housemade ice cream are all on a downward slope.

So it should be an exciting year for food.  I love that people are more open to try internation cusines and are experimenting in their kitchens with new flavors. I wish all of you a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year!

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